Castillo for Congress


Economy and Taxes

Year after year, New Jersey receives less federal tax relief while our state taxes increase. Living in a high tax, high cost state is not easy and makes it difficult for our state’s families to get by. I believe in going to Washington and bringing our federal tax dollars back home. I will work on legislation that will make our tax dollars available for essential social and governmental projects, as well as the needs of non-government organizations and religious and community groups.

As a business owner myself, I understand how important small businesses are to our nation’s economy and how taxes get in the way of allowing our businesses to thrive. I will make sure that tax laws are favorable to small businesses in order to reinvigorate our economy.

New Jersey residents are very concerned about the repeal of the State and Local Tax deduction (SALT). We need to restore SALT so that New Jersey can receive the tax relief that our state deserves.

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