Castillo for Congress

For those who don’t know me, my name is Hector Castillo. If you do know me, you may know that I’ve humbly accomplished many different things. I’m a licensed medical doctor, an ophthalmologist, an immigrant, a father of 7 beautiful children, a loving husband to my wife Mina, a hard-worker, and a proud Republican. I’m the successful owner of multiple businesses in NJ, but I also have a lot of experience in politics and have been around the block. In 2005, I ran for Governor as an independent for this wonderful state of NJ and was able to raise over $1.2 million and receive over 77,000 votes. In 2016, I ran what is considered a successful campaign for the 9th Congressional District of NJ where I shaved 14,000 votes by working hard and converting Democrats to Republicans – with minimum support from the party. The majority of this effort came from my team alone. The lack of support didn’t hold me back because I am aggressive with determination and refuse to give up.

For example, in 2009, I was told my vertebrae had deteriorated to almost nothing and I needed emergency surgery to survive. After 6 months of grueling recovery and rehabilitation, I returned with a new lease on life and I desired the same for everyone around me. As the American people, we deserve more from our government so we can fulfill our very best lives and provide well for our families. As a state, we deserve to get what we pay for in federal taxes. As a doctor, I’ve heard the concerns of my patients and learned that we need a better medical insurance program so that NJ families and small businesses can have peace of mind.

In addition to these matters, I support President Trump 100%. In 2016, I was able to bring the Donald Trump message to Democrats in inner cities where I asked, “What do you have to lose?”, because the Democratic party has done nothing for them! We need to work with our President so we can increase the viability of our state’s economy and make America Great for years to come.

As the son of Peruvian working-class parents, I immigrated here at 11-years-old and was blessed to take advantage of the many opportunities this country has given me. My only hope is to fight so that the same opportunities can be available for everyone. I’m here to stand with the people. Castillo for Congress 2020!

Dr. Hector Castillo

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