Castillo for Congress



As a licensed medical doctor, I have worked with insurance in the medical field all throughout my career. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has failed to alleviate any of the problems that I have personally seen as a practicing doctor.

For over 30 years of specializing in Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine, I’ve come to see too many people who simply could not afford something as basic as an eye exam because they were without insurance coverage. I took it upon myself to help where I could and began providing pro bono eye exams to those in need.

If elected, I want to work on legislation that will allow for a more streamlined medical insurance program, which would be adopted on our national insurance model, Medicaid. Everyone deserves quality, affordable healthcare. Medicaid for all low-income families would help millions of working class Americans, provide relief to small businesses, and give peace of mind to New Jersey families.

During my rotations towards becoming a doctor, I saw the horrors of abortion firsthand. It became very clear that every life counts and is sacred. Expectant mothers need the support necessary so they feel safe carrying life into the world. These babies are our future doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Both the mother and child deserve our protection.

Therefore, I am in full support of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act so that health care providers will save the lives of babies who survive an attempted abortion.

Planned Parenthood should not receive a single tax-payer’s dollar in order to abort innocent babies. Life begins at conception and Congress needs leaders who will make decisions to protect Amercan’s lives at every stage, whether that be in the womb, during old age, or those who simply require better healthcare.

Drug epidemics tend to begin with the use of marijuana and then escalate to the use of more dangerous drugs. These drugs are introduced to our communities by criminals who profit from the degradation of the sanctity of our youth. We must continue our fight against drugs, for their presence in our communities will be their downfall.

The opioid epidemic is a very serious issue, not only in our nation but especially in New Jersey. As a doctor, I’ve seen how patients can easily succumb to addiction as a result of treating chronic pain. As a member of Congress, I hope to push forward legislation that would allow medical professionals to find medications and treatments that are non-addictive.

One of the strong factors impacting the opioid epidemic comes from our borders. It is of great importance to me to secure our nation’s borders so the illegal drug supply coming in from other countries will stop poisoning our nation’s people and allow Americans to live healthy and strong lives.

The current pandemic is nothing that our world has experienced before. Our nation needs leaders in Congress who are well-informed and can make responsible decisions to help our country rise out of this situation. As a healthcare professional, I realize how important it is for our doctors, nurses, first responders, and essential workers to receive the support necessary to continue saving lives. As a member of Congress, I will help make the proper decisions for our state’s public health so that we can get New Jersey running again.

The climate of our world is always changing and it is the responsibility of the government to respond well to crises. We need to properly balance our nation’s budget so we have the resources necessary for foreign aid, humanitarian efforts and emergencies such as our current pandemic. At all times, it’s important that the American people are supported.

Vaccinations have long been debated, especially in terms of whether or not we should require children to be vaccinated. I’d like to make it clear that vaccinations are a must. Let’s learn from our current situation that the world has become ever smaller. Globalization may bring another pandemic in the future and we need to be ready. Once a vaccine is found for this virus, it’s important that everyone receives the vaccine for the sake of our public health and well-being.

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