Castillo for Congress


Military and Foreign Policy

National Security and Defense

The security of the American people is a top priority. I believe in fully supporting the Department of Defense to ensure that our military and intelligence agencies have the resources necessary to protect our country and remain a top force on a global scale.

Foreign Policy

I am in full support of President Trump’s decision to thwart the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) Movement against Israel in his efforts to stop anti-semitism and terrorist financing. We need to show unwavering support for Israel, one of our nation’s greatest allies

We must protect the United States from any country who may become hostile through possessing a weapon of mass destruction. If elected to Congress, I will work with President Trump to put an end to North Korean aggression and stop the country from becoming a nuclear power.

Terrorists have to be dealt with caution, along with our allies, to decide if a real and certain threat is upon us. If a true threat is identified, we must respond with the military force necessary to protect our people. It is my mission to put a stop to radical Islamic terrorism and protect our country.

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