Castillo for Congress


Republican Leadership

For years, New Jersey has been decidedly run by the Democratic Party – a party that we’ve seen interfere in our President’s initiatives, denying the American People a country that will stay Great for years to come. We need responsible, conservative seats in Congress who will work with our Senate and President Trump to increase the viability of our state’s economy, just as the President has done for the nation.

It is written in our Constitution that Americans have the freedom and right to bear arms without government infringement. If elected to Congress, I vow to protect this American right as decided by our Founding Fathers so that Americans will always have the ability to protect their homes and families.


At the same time, in order to ensure responsible gun ownership, we need to perform better background checks to keep guns out of the hands of those who are unfit to carry and away from organized crime. Guns can save lives, but in the hands of the wrong person they lead to great danger.

It’s important to have proper term limits for members in Congress. I believe that a person should hold their position in Congress for no more than 2 terms. We need to allow other capable individuals to take seats in Congress so we can best represent the American people and allow for a balanced government.

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