Castillo for Congress


Securing a Better Future

I’ve worked tirelessly alongside Gov. Corzine in support of legislation that allows students with disabilities and children from low-income families to use state funds for educational expenses that would better suit their needs — whether this is towards public school, private school, charter school, home school or any other learning environment. Parents should be able to choose education for their children that best fits their needs.

New Jerseyans in particular are hard-working Americans who deserve better roads, bridges, and highways to continue contributing well to our economy. As a productive state in itself and as a vital hub to other major cities, commuting and transportation in New Jersey is important for the safety and convenience of our citizens and to help fuel our nation’s economy. I intend to invest properly in the quality of our state’s infrastructure to keep our state running well.

In line with President Trump’s views, our trade policy must always put America First and agree well with our national security plans. We also need to continue to look at outdated trade agreements and make creating more U.S. jobs a priority. Now more than ever, we can’t let U.S. jobs go to other countries and need to focus on reinvigorating our nation’s economy.

It is imperative that our children have a world in which they can start and raise their own families. In order for that to be possible, we must continue in our efforts to preserve the world we all share. Emissions have fallen greatly since the 1980s and continue to do so under the Trump administration. As your Congressman, I will vote to continue improving the environment for future generations while prioritizing businesses and the economy.

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